I can’t hear/see my teacher on Skype. My teacher can’t hear/see me on Skype. What do I do?

In the event of technical issues during the lesson, don’t panic! Most of the time, these issues are fixable with just a few clicks.

First, make sure that your webcam and microphone are both turned on. Then, in your Skype window, go to “Call” > “Audio Settings” (or “Call” > “Audio/Visual Settings”). If you are having issues with your teacher being able to hear you, test your microphone input and volume by saying “Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three.” If Skype is registering the sound from your microphone, you will see a green bar rising and falling to the sound of your voice above the word “Microphone.”

You will know that your computer is not picking up on your microphone input if the green bar does not rise and fall when you speak. In the event that this is happening, make sure your headset microphone (or computer microphone, if you are working without a headset) is selected from the dropdown menu. If you are using a headset, also make sure it is connected correctly to your computer.

If this still does not fix the problem, make sure that the audio and visual settings on your computer are correct. To check this, go to your control panel. At that point, if the problem still occurs:

1) Re-initiate your Skype session by logging off and logging back on; if that doesn’t work:

2) Restart your computer.

If all else fails, do not hesitate to contact the Homeschool Spanish Academy administrative office right away. Call 713-280-HOLA (4652), and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you through the problem.

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