I heard that I’ll be using Skype for my Spanish classes. How do I get started?

It’s very easy to get started using Skype! Open a browser window on your computer and go to http://www. From there, click on Downloads. You will be able to select the version you need for whichever device you prefer - a laptop, tablet, or even your phone! (For Windows 8 or 10 users - go to “Downloads,” and then scroll down until you see “Get Skype for Windows Desktop.” We found this works better than “Get Skype for Windows 8 or 10.”)

Once you have Skype downloaded to your desktop, you will be able to open the application simply by clicking on the logo. To finish registration, create an account with Skype (the system will walk you through the process). You will then be able to choose a Skype ID, or username, as well as add contacts to your contact list.

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